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Islam Thursday, November 11/ 2010 Islam – Basics Diversity o Muslims around globe (started in the Middle East, but can also be found in other regions of the world – for example: Indonesia) The idea of trying to heal the fractures, and the idea of one, unified Islam worldwide Islamic ideal – no separation of religion and state State law and Islamic law ( Shari’ah ) one and the same Encounter with (Western, secular) modernity thus particularly challenging A potential source of tension – in some societies they believe religion is very secular from the state Allah – the Arabic word for ‘God’ Part of Hebraic (or Abrahamic) tradition Lineage traced to Abraham (Ibrahim) through Ishmael (Ismail) God communicating in succession, through multiple people, to everyone Patriarchs and prophets of the Hebrew Bible honoured, as well as Jesus (Isa) But Muhammad considered the “seal of the Prophets” Muhammad is NOT considered divine (but he cannot do wrong…he is an instrument of God) Islam – Context 7 th Century CE The Middle East is very different from today The countries that we recognize today did not exist Byzantine Empire surrounding the Mediterranean Sea Persian Empire (eastern area) The economy is a mostly desert region is trade based The cities in Arabia that were important were cities of market and trade sources Mecca – Muhammad is born here 6 th- Century Arabia – mostly desert region with tribal rule Mecca – most important city Generally polytheistic (come monotheists – hanifs [“pious ones”]) – before the teachings of Islam Important religious structure – Ka’bah Mecca was important because of the existence of a ‘black stone’ In the tradition, this was a rock that was delivered from heaven, and some believe interaction with this rock will connect you with God Islam – Muhammad Born in Mecca in 570 CE into Quraysh tribe Raised by uncle Abu Talib - his uncle will give him some protection in the early days of him spreading his message
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Married Khadijah – she was significantly older than him, but she also was an early supporter of him Gained reputation as trustworthy – al-Amin 610 CE – encounter with angel Jibril (Gabriel) Muhammad directed to “Read!” (or “Recite!” or “Proclaim!”) First of many revelations which form the Qur’an It was important to note that the Qur’an was NOT invented/created by Muhammad It is his wife who encourages him He also had a Christian cousin who said he had to start preaching the word of ‘One God’ Continues prophetic tradition of Judaism and Christianity Thousands if prophets; distinguished from messengers A messenger will have something to convey to all of humanity rather than a particular community, while a Prophet might receive a specific message from God for a specific community/group
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RLG100 - Islam - Islam Thursday, November 11/ 2010 Islam...

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