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RLG100Y – Judaism - RLG100Y Judaism...

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RLG100Y – Judaism Thursday, September 23 rd th / 2010 Judaism – early history First major monotheistic religion Range of belief/practice: from Ultra-Orthodox to secular Jews (at different ends of the spectrum) Ethnic religion? Shema (“hear!”): “Hear, O Israel, the LORD our GOD, the LORD is one” (Deut. 6:4) Main creed (central belief) of Judaism In this context, the term “Israel” is talking about “Israelites” and not Israel itself Text Based “Judaism is quintessentially a historical religion” (61) “The myth of history begins with Judaism” One of the first religions that understand the flow of history in a linear fashion Contemporary Western society have been built on Abrahamic traditions Great emphasis on history Early Jewish history – biblical Pentateuch (“five scrolls”): first five books of the Hebrew Bible Torah (“teaching”): traditionally attributed to Moses by God, sometimes it is referred to the entirety of Jewish scripture/writing, however, it is common to place the first 5 books as the Torah Different ways of interpreting biblical narrative Literally Metaphorical Historical-critical approach (doesn’t mean criticism) Documentary Hypothesis (source theory) (or JEDP – 19 th century) – Pentateuch divisible into roughly four distinct sources: 1. Yahwist (J) – that God is referred by two different names 2. Elohist (E) 3. Deteuronomic (D) 4. Priestly (P) – purity and ritual action Genesis Creation, early biblical stories Story of Adam & Eve; banishment from Eden Noah and the Ark Tower of Babel Abraham – first Patriarch Notion of covenant (berith in Hebrew) Marked by circumcision Five Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses Joseph renamed Israel (“Struggle with God”) Note on Terms: 1. Hebrew : ancient Language 2. Hebrews : followers of Abraham
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3. Israelites : children of Israel (Jacob) – descendants of Hebrews 4. Jewish/Jews/Judaism: later, more specific term Exodus Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt Last plague is the death of the first born babies Marked doors with lamb’s blood Passover – relates to the angel of death passing over the homes of the Israelites The term 40 is found often in the Bible Ten Commandments (stored in the Ark of the Covenant): You shall have no other god but Me You shall not worship any idols or images You shall not take my name in vain Honour the Sabbath day Honour your mother and father
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RLG100Y – Judaism - RLG100Y Judaism...

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