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AGB case 4 - Joe Cremen AGB 202 Case Study 4 Case#4 1 What...

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Joe Cremen AGB 202 Case Study 4 Case #4 1. What social style do you think Jack is? Jack is definitely a director. “He doesn’t like frills.” This means he is task oriented. Directors do not like to mess around. They get straight to business. Jack gives a short amount of time to any salesperson. He is tough but fair on price. This shows that he is competitive. Directors are very competitive and are firm decision makers. Jack demands that the people he does be business be direct. This shows that he is highly assertive. If somebody wanted to get business from Jack that was a socializer they would need to adjust their behavior when meeting with Jack. 2. If you were Jill, what other information would you want before calling on Super G? Where would you get it? If I were Jill I would want to know more about Jack and how the firm before handled business with him. He threw out his last strawberry vendor for putting him on ad and loading fruit that was not Super G quality. She has done a good amount of research
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