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Dairy Science Active Note Taking Questions How might a cow get mastitis without any bacterial involvement? Physical trauma What can be done by the dairy operator to influence the probability that cows will stay healthy and free of mastitis? 1. Use functionally adequate milking machines in the correct manner. 2. Dip teats after milking with an effective product. 3. If you treat cows, administer promptly a full series of recommended treatments
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Unformatted text preview: to all clinical cases. 4. Treat each quarter of every cow at drying off with a specially formulated, commercially available, antibiotic preparation. What would you expect to be among the first signs of clinical mastitis? Redness, Swelling, Heat, Tenderness, Pain Why is it incorrect to say the skinniest cow has the best dairy strength? Why is strep ag the only mastitis pathogen that can be permanently removed from the dairy herd?...
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