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Joe Cremen Academic Action Plan Written Statement 1. Explain the circumstances that led to your low GPA. I did not treat the first quarter like I should have. I pretended like I was still in high school. I relied on showing up to class and doing minimal work to get by. I now realize this obviously does not work in college. I did not prepare for my midterms or finals like I should have. I relied on the technique I used in high school and it clearly did not work out. 2. Describe your specific plans to improve/correct your situation, i.e. what you will do differently next quarter and in the future to improve your situation.
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Unformatted text preview: I have been so far following my specific plans and they have been proven to be effective so far. I am spending more time by myself studying in the library. I complete all my homework and find extra work to do as well. Instead of waiting until the night before an exam to study I am constantly preparing. It is much more effective to give myself a decent amount of work every night rather than overloading the night before a test. 3. List all current courses you are taking, with anticipated grades. Journalism 205-A-AgBusiness 202-A Dairy Science 230-B-...
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