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Joe Cremen AGB 202 Case #2 Case #2: Top Choice Produce 1. As a sales representative, how would you expect customers and prospective customers to state their objections to price? What objections are prospects likely to voice that are really price objections but are not so stated? $4 more per carton is a lot. The objection customers and prospective customers could make to price is, “Why spend more when I am perfectly happy with the nectarines I’ve been eating?” The price objections they are likely to voice are that the price is too high so they will not buy a new, unknown product for such a high price. 2. Suggest some demonstrations, tests, or other selling aids that might be used to overcome the price objection. Illustrate their use. Steve Rusca may have an amazing product on his hands. To ask for $4 return over the average price immediately is far too aggressive. Rusca should introduce his product at an average price. When demand goes up for his product he will then have the opportunity
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