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Joseph Cremen 9/20/11 Stats 217 Soma Roy Investigation 1 1. a. Observational units: Large oil tanker accidents b. Variable measured: Causes of spillage. Type of variable: Categorical c. Most common reason of spillage: Groundings d. Percentage of accidents caused by collisions: 31.08% e. Proportion caused by collisions: 0.310 2. a. Categorical (binary) b. Quantative c. Categorical d. Not a variable e. Not a variable: It is a statistic f. Quantative g. Not a variable: It is asking for one amount of money
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Unformatted text preview: h. Not a variable 3. a. Observational units: American national adults, aged 18 and older. b. Variable(s) measured: The ideal number of children for a family to have c. Statistic: National Americans, age 18 and over, believe that 2.5 children are ideal. 4. a. Observational units: U.S. adults b. Variable(s) measured: The number of people who believe marriage is becoming obsolete. c. Statistic: 38.8% of U.S. adults believe marriage is becoming obsolete....
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