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Dairy Science sheet - Cattle provide: Prtn, Engy, Mnrls,...

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Unformatted text preview: Cattle provide: Prtn, Engy, Mnrls, Vtmns- these suplmt and cmplmnt other sources in the diet. Low qlty roughages>COW>High qlty ntrtn HEALTH- chlstrl is a blding block for steroid hormones (estrgn,tstroin,feramone) Lactase= enzyme that breaks down milk and sugar..Lactose>glucose&galactose Blacks, orientals- up to 70% intolerant. Caucsn- 6-12%. U.S.-25% Symptms=Gastrointestinal (nausea,gas,cramps ,bloating,diarrhea)Milk can come from buffalo,goat,rats,sheep,yak,camel. 9.1mil dairy cows in US.CA=22% of milk prdctn HLSTN(93%)-nthlnds,highest prdtcn milk and fat..JRSY(3.5%)- smallest.fawn-color.highest % fat. Channel islandsGB. GUERNSEY(2%) fawn/white orange markings. B-carotene>vitamin A in milk golden BWNSWS(1%) Jane of Vernon dual purpose breed. Fawn color. Large body frame. AYRSHIRE(.5%) red/white. Cows=1,000-2,000lbs.Bulls=2,000-3,000lbs. mature size at 5 yrs. Hght=53-58 inches at withers(shldr blds) Pbrty:6-9 mnths Hlst heifers shld be 800-850lbs 50 at breeding. Birth at 2 yrs. Heat at 5 yrs....
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