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Journalism- self lead

Journalism- self lead - bark downstairs which would change...

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2601 Jour 205 1/11/11 - With a loving Irish-Catholic family to support him, there is nothing to hinder the future of Joe Cremen. The sixth generation San Franciscan has a strong sense in family values. With twenty cousins and countless family friends to support him, there is no excuse for failure. Cremen is the fourth generation of men in his family to attend the prestigious St. Ignatius College Preparatory in San Francisco. Multiple friends encouraged Cremen to try playing rugby in high school. He immediately fell in love with the game. As runner-up in the state championship game he knew he wanted to play the sport at the collegiate level. Little did he know he would start for the 17 th ranked team in the nation-- the Cal Poly Mustangs. One year ago Cremen’s parents came home with a big surprise. He heard a
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Unformatted text preview: bark downstairs, which would change his everyday life. He saw a beautiful, energetic yellow Labrador sniffing out his new territory. Charlie is a perfect replacement for his older brother who had just left for Gonzaga University. Joe Cremen and his outgoing family constantly have friends and family coming in and the front door. His father, a firefighter, is an excellent cook. Ranging from a Christmas feast for forty friends and family to a Sunday brunch— Jack Cremen does it all. The values that Joe has learned through his family will help him in his academic and social life in college and when he enters the workforce. The future is bright for this young man....
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