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- Sequ. III Revised Essay - Joe Cremen Brinn Strange...

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Joe Cremen Brinn Strange English 134 May 12, 2011 Fast Paced, Hard-Hitting, and Fast Growing With over 80,000 registered players in the United States, rugby is the fastest growing sport in our nation (Worth a Try). It is no surprise that this fast paced, hard- hitting sport is gaining popularity amongst the youth, and even adults. In the past, most players adopted the sport in college. Today, new youth rugby programs around the nation are forming , and players are getting started at a much younger age. America has tasted this sport of “glorified mayhem” and is falling in love at a rapid rate. USA Rugby reports that since 2004, participation in rugby has increased 350% (Worth a Try). Here at Cal Poly , we have our very own club rugby team. We are currently ranked 17 th in the nation and compete at the highest level of collegiate rugby, the College Premiere Division. Members of the rugby club pay dues of over $400 and provide their own transportation throughout the entire West coast. Cal Poly should invest in rugby and make it a varsity sport, encouraging the club program towards excellence and the growth of a new sport in America. As a freshman in the rugby program, it is the goal of my teammates and myself to make sure this happens within out time here at Cal Poly. With support from our school, the club rugby team could easily be one of the best teams in the country, bringing pride and prestige to our school. UC Berkeley, the number one rugby program in the nation, receives varsity status from their school, giving the
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Cremen 2 rugby players access to athletic facilities, trainers, academic resources, and priority scheduling. In addition to this, players do not have to worry about finances and transportation to matches. You may be asking yourself, what difference does this make? Having these privileges gives the UC Berkeley rugby team an exceptional advantage. They have been in the national championship game every year for the past decade, losing
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- Sequ. III Revised Essay - Joe Cremen Brinn Strange...

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