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psychosocial health- The mental, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of health. What are the characteristics of those who are psychosocially healthy? -They feel good about themselves -They feel comfortable with other people -They control tension and anxiety -They meet the demands of life -They curb hate and guilt -They maintain a positive outlook -They value diversity -They appreciate and respect nature -They enrich the lives of others What is Emotional, Psychological, and Social health? emotional health- The feeling part of psychosocial health; includes your emotional reactions to life. psychosocial health- The mental, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of health. social health- Aspect of psychosocial health that includes interactions with others, ability to use social supports, and ability to adapt to various situations. What is the Mind-Body connection to health? At the core of the mind-body connection is the study of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI- The science that examines the relationship between the brain and behavior and how this affects the body’s immune system.) Positive energy and emotions boost your immune system! So laugh you fucker! QUIZ—MATCHING CHAPTER 1: Wellness- Achievement of the highest level of health in each of several dimensions Morbidity- Relative incidence of disease Mortality- Proportion of deaths to population Health- Ever changing process of achieving individual potential in the dimensions Predisposing Factors- Life experiences, knowledge, cultural and ethnic heritage, current beliefs and values. Reinforcing factors- Presence or absence of support, encouragement, or discouragement from others Enabling factors- Skills, abilities, facilities or resources.
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Social health- Successfully interacting with others, adapting to various social situations and other daily behaviors. Environmental health- an appreciation of the external environment and the role individuals play in preserving, protecting and improving conditions Emotional health- Part of wellness that includes trust, self esteem, self efficacy, love, and self confidence Spiritual health- A feeling of oneness with others and having a sense of purpose in life. Intellectual health- Learning from successes and failures, and making responsible decisions that consider all aspects of a situation. Self efficacy- belief in ones ability to perform a task successfully Belief- Appraisal of the relationship between some object, action or idea and some attribute of that object, action or idea. Attitude- Relatively stable set of beliefs, feelings, behavioral tendencies in relation to something or someone. Locus of control- Location an individual perceives as the source and underlying cause of events in his or her life. Shaping- Using a series of small steps to gradually achieve a particular goal.
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KINES 250 STUDY GUIDE!!! - psychosocial health- The mental,...

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