Joey- My Influence-- REVISE!!!

Joey- My Influence-- REVISE!!! - 1 Joe Cremen Joe Cremen...

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1 Joe Cremen Joe Cremen Brinn Strange English 134 4 April 2011 My Influence Reflecting upon the many English teachers I have had in my writing career, one teacher has influenced me extensively. Mr. Reardon was not only my junior year English teacher at St. Ignatius College Prep—he is also a good family friend and a struggling author. He kept our class updated on the book he was attempting to get published. Not only teaching students how to write but also writing a book yourself, I believe, gives a teacher great credibility. Students often question whether the teacher knows what he or she is talking about. Being an author, he truly practices what he teaches. Pursuing a career not only in teaching how to write, but writing a book shows that he truly loves writing. I found his style of writing to be very simplistic. Mr. Reardon encouraged his students to deviate from “trying to sound smarter than we are” in our writing. When Mr. Reardon is teaching the class he has a presence unlike any other English teacher. Most students try to sound more intelligent than they truly are. We often try to use
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Joey- My Influence-- REVISE!!! - 1 Joe Cremen Joe Cremen...

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