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Joe Cremen Brinn Strange English 134 5/24/11 The Cove (Taking the opposite side) In this one-sided documentary, Ric O’Barry, the founder of using dolphins for entertainment, tries to solve an international problem he created himself. “The Cove” takes place in Taijji, Japan, where fishermen capture dolphins to train and sell to Sea World. The dolphins that do not make the cut are sold for meat. O’Barry invades private property to make his documentary. It is based on illegal scheme he and his team of dolphin-lovers take to expose where and how dolphins are captured. Is this the best way to stop the trafficking of dolphins? The best way to deal with this is to expose both the dolphin capturing in Taiji,
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Unformatted text preview: Japan, but also expose the people and companies that purchase these dolphins. Simply exposing what is happening in Taiji will not solve the problem. O’Barry is missing the main point of what his documentary is trying to accomplish. Interviews with Six Flags and Sea World officials should have been conducted and filmed. “The Cove” was great in the sense that it kept the attention of the audience. However, it did not give any closure as to what was accomplished. Yes, we now know about what is happening but what will be done to ensure illegal dolphin trafficking is stopped?...
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