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Sequence II Essay - Joe Cremen Brinn Strange English 134 18...

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Joe Cremen Brinn Strange English 134 18 April 2011 Business or Pleasure, or Volunteer? The life of my roommate, Xavier Sy, is comparable to that of a hammer. No, he does not nail pieces of wood together with his head, but he is constantly working and never complains. Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity to build houses in foreign countries has been one of the greatest experiences of his life. Working with Habitat , in the amazingly beautiful country of New Zealand, Xavier, his father, and a group of volunteers built a gorgeous three-bedroom home in two weeks—forever changing the life of a family in need. Xavier does not boast about his tremendous volunteer work nor does he complain about going to New Zealand to volunteer while most people are vacationing. Being Xavier’s roommate, I have noticed that he is constantly working. He is never dormant when there is work that could be done whether it is in our room, in the classroom, in the library studying, or volunteering with Habitat. Xavier reflects, “Whenever I look at Habitat’s website, it’s hard for me to see pictures of families in front of a build site (vacant lot where a family in need will have a house built for them) and not be inspired to help them.” Creating positive change in others’ lives is something Xavier loves. Being Xavier’s roommate, I thought I knew pretty much everything about him. I was wrong.
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2 Conducting over an hour long, profound interview with my roommate brought us closer and helped me peal away his outer layers and find out what he is truly like down to his core. Being a devout Roman Catholic, Xavier and his family are very close, and love volunteering at events in their parish. When Mr. Sy brought home a pamphlet for Habitat for Humanity, Xavier was online signing up later that night. The pamphlet Mr. Sy brought home led Xavier to, where he looked
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Sequence II Essay - Joe Cremen Brinn Strange English 134 18...

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