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Sequence II Cover Letter

Sequence II Cover Letter - Knowing that I did not want this...

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Joe Cremen Brinn Strange English 134 18 April 2011 Cover Letter I am very proud of this paper. Through this paper I have discovered a lot about my roommate, which I am very great full for. The assignments that we did before the actual essay definitely helped me in this paper. My roommate was more than happy to be interviewed about this. I hope you enjoy this paper as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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Unformatted text preview: Knowing that I did not want this to sound like a manuscript of my interview I made sure to tie in some of my own thoughts. The tone of this paper is slightly conversational. I found it to work best since there are so many good quotes that Xavier gave me. Ultimately, I am very happy with the way this paper came out and I hope you think the same!...
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