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Cremen-annotated Bib

Cremen-annotated Bib - provides me with financial facts...

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Joe Cremen English 134 Annotated Bib "Worth a Try." The Economist - World News, Politics, Economics, Business & Finance . 3 Feb. 2011. Web. 9 May 2011. <http://www.economist.com/printedition/>. This is article has great information and ideas that I will incorporate into my essay. With quotes from the coach of the U.S. National Rugby team along with facts about how fast rugby is growing in America, this article is ideal for my paper. This article also compares rugby to the sports we are custom to here in America: football, basketball, and baseball. With this hard hitting, fast paced game growing in America, it is only a matter of time before our country falls in love with it. "Rugby- Information Related to Adding the Sport." NCAA Public Home Page - NCAA.org . Web. 9 May 2011. <http://www.ncaa.org/>. The information on this page will be essential to the ethos in my paper. It
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Unformatted text preview: provides me with financial facts about rugby clubs and what it takes to have a fully functioning club. Comparing these facts to other sports here at Cal Poly will help my argument tremendously. The annual costs of a rugby program are exceptionally less than that of the football or basketball programs. These strong facts will be essential in my argument. "History." CalPolyRugby.com . Web. 9 May 2011. <http://www.calpolyrugby.com/history/>. The Cal Poly Rugby Club has a great deal of history. Starting off with a group of ex-football players whom have never played the sport, Cal Poly Rugby has grown to a nationally ranked and very well respected program through the work of dedicated players and coaches with no help from the school....
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