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questions - 10 How do you become a part of HFH Did you take...

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15 Questions for Interview: 1.) What inspired you to do Habitat for Humanity? 3.) How did you hear about Habitat for Humanity? 4.) Did you participate by yourself or with family and friends? 5.) Where did you go with HFH? 6.) Are you still in contact with the rest of the crew? 7.) Did you meet the families you built the homes for? 8.) How does the application process for HFH work? 9.) How is HFH funded? 9.) Is it a religious organization? If so, what religion?
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Unformatted text preview: 10.) How do you become a part of HFH? Did you take it upon yourself to get involved? 11.) How does HFH select for whom they will build a house? 12.) Do you see yourself being involved in HFH in college and after? To what extent? 13.) What do you value most about HFH? 14.) Would you suggest getting involved with HFH? Why or why not? 15.) What did you personally take away from HFH?...
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