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Joey blog college - The ability to decide when you wake up...

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University of Life College is the best four years of your life. Why is this phrase so common? Hopefully by the end of this experience I will have the answer. From what I’ve seen, College is definitely not the final step in education. Most students are in college for four years. Here in the happiest city in the world, San Luis Obispo, the students often times stay for five, sometimes even six years. But why does everyone seem to enjoy college much more than high school? In high school we are told what to learn and how to do everything. There are precise directions for every project and if you deviate from these directions your grade usually suffers. In college, we are given a flexibility we’ve never experienced before. I’m loving it!
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Unformatted text preview: The ability to decide when you wake up for school, when your done with school, what classes you take, what teachers you take, and to do whatever you want with your free time is what makes college great. The structure of college is what we make it. Professors do not hold our hand through college. College is like life—if you are not self-motivated you will not be successful. Some students may be interested in grad school, but for the most part, after college students enter the work force. Will my calculus class help me in the mailroom of a public relations firm? It certainly will not. The learning we do in college prepares us to continue learning later in life. We do not stop learning once we have graduated college....
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