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Mod 8/16/2010 MEMORANDUM TO GRADUATE STUDENTS IN ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING Subject: School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Policies With Regard to Graduate Studies This memorandum supplements the information and instructions given in the current Catalog of Oklahoma State University. It is the responsibility of every graduate student to be familiar with the general requirements affecting his degree program as listed in the catalog. Options of policy referred to in that catalog are contained herein. The essential procedural steps as far as the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering is concerned, are as follows: NEW STUDENTS: Prior to or shortly after enrolling in the Graduate College, students who intend to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering should contact the Graduate Coordinator in the departmental office in Room 202 Engineering South (ES) for initial advisement. The Graduate Coordinator will assist all incoming graduate students for selecting first semester courses. Each student should select another advisor by pre- enrollment time, about the middle of their first semester here. ALL STUDENTS: Students are directed to the Graduate College for information on timing procedures. You are reminded of the requirement to make the application for the degree (diploma application) at the BEGINNING of the term in which the degree is to be conferred and requirement that a student MUST be enrolled in a minimum of two (2) credit hours during the semester in which degree requirements are completed. Graduate students should frequently check the bulletin board outside ES 202 for individual as well as general notices.
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Mod 8/16/2010 MASTER’S DEGREE: Two Master’s degree options are available to students in Electrical and Computer Engineering. MSEE (Traditional Thesis Path) Plan I:* 30 Hours MSEE (Professional Path) Plan III:* 33 Hours *Plan I, Plan III, etc., refers to Graduate College designation. Students in the Professional Path (Plan III) are required to take courses in at least four areas of ECEN at the 5000 level (designated by second digit of course number). Students in the Traditional Thesis Path (Plan I) are required to take courses in at least two areas of ECEN at the 5000 level (designated by the second digit of course number). A summary of the two degree program requirements is given in the following table: Traditional Path Professional Path MSEE (30 hrs.) MSEE (33 hrs.) Plan I* Plan III* TECHNICAL ELECTIVE 3 hours 3 hours (Outside Dept., 4000 level or above) ECEN GRADUATE LEVEL COURSES 18 hours 21 hours ADDITIONAL COURSES 6 hours (Must be Graduate approved courses. May include non-ECEN graduate level courses with approval of the student’s graduate advisory committee) THESIS 6 hours ECEN 5070 or ECEN Grad. Level Course 3 hours CREATIVE COMPONENT 3 hours Note: For Professional Path option (Plan III), a 3-hour ECEN 5000+ course (with a term project) is designated as the creative component. Or, a 3 hour ECEN 5070 may be completed,
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