A Microfinance MIS - Several tabs are accessible for users...

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Running head: A MICROFINANCE MIS 1 A Microfinance MIS XBIS/219
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A MICROFINANCE MIS 2 A Microfinance MIS The (Mifos) “Micro Finance Open Source” is an (MIS) “Management information system” made available through web-based organization for microfinance institutions. (Mifos, 2011) Mifos is made for users in the microfinance structure; to help in developing nations and developed societies obtain loans based on his or her ability to pay them back despite any available collateral. Mifos has several database components including, savings portfolio managing, social performance measuring, and centralized operational reporting, available to put into action with additional technology solutions. Many of the Mifos features are made available for clients to access finances, public and local holidays, fees, and checklists, within a company.
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Unformatted text preview: Several tabs are accessible for users to navigate easily within the system. For instance, the community directory located in the Community tab allows a user seeking assistance and support to connect with local service providers or groups. Spets actively contribute to the community by sharing experience and knowledge learned while deploying Mifos through the news and social media located in the About tab. (Mifos, 2011) In the support tab, there is a link to build reports accessible for handling operational and monetary information. All information is present to ensure data is accessible and designed to assist the user navigate through the system without difficulty. A MICROFINANCE MIS 3 Reference Mifos. (2011). A Grameen Foundation Initiative. Retrieved from http://mifos.org...
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A Microfinance MIS - Several tabs are accessible for users...

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