Actors and producers in the industry twist the argument around

Actors and producers in the industry twist the argument around

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Actors and producers in the industry twist the argument around, viewing the government (broadcasters and bureaucrats)  as the regulator in deciding what gets media attention or not. Their main focus is not the morality or ethics revealed by  their work, although, they would like us to interpret it a certain way. Actors have a choice as to what kind of storyline  they act, just as writers have a choice as to what genre of story they write. Neither is forced to act out the part of a mass- murderer or write a steamy sex scene. Programs stay on the air because consumers watch them. If consumers did not like 
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Unformatted text preview: them they would be taken off the air. Violence and sex can be more easily regulated by using the rating system, blocking programs from your television, or by simply not watching. If we were to put politicians or directors in charge of what was delivered to society by way of media, society would only see the dominant group’s interpretation of morals and relevant beliefs....
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