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Adjectives Adverbs and Comparatives We are getting close to the kick off of the 19th World Cup of 2010 on June 11 th . This exciting soccer competition only happens every four years, and this year’s World Cup will be hosted by South Africa. Apart from the vibrant colors of Africa, which are sure to entertain the world cup viewers as much as the competition itself, are more importantly the South African soccer fans. Their fans are considered the most colorful , passionate , and eccentric in the world. Visitors to the country during the FIFA World Cup will soon discover the magnificent faithfulness the fans have to the sport. Mexico vs. South Africa is set to open
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Unformatted text preview: the biggest sporting event known to soccer fans. This is as big as it gets! The World Cup gathers far wider viewers and is a significantly more global event. According to the Huffington Post, 32.6 million people watched the Winter Olympics 2010 Opening Ceremonies, but over 700 million more people watched the finals of the last World Cup. Even the biggest soccer hater has to gaze at the TV screen to see how the game is going. Internationally, football fans are extremely excited and are really looking forward to the kick off of the worlds largest spectacle....
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