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Amazon - Amazon.com is one of the worlds largest online...

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Amazon .com is one of the world’s largest online retailers beginning in 1995 by offering books online at an affordable price providing a wide range of selections to their consumers. Once Amazon’s book selling turned out to be a successful venture, it was transformed into a service provider with an extensive variety of products. Over the years though, Amazon’s profits have shown a decrease, despite optimism from investors that the company will eventually prosper again. Online shopping has turned out to be more convenient, and customers are always looking for the best deals with scores of places available to choose. Presently, online sites including, Google and Microsoft are among Amazon’s chief competitors. One of Amazon’s main issues is the need for more visibility and marketing all over the internet. People are enticed by advertisements, and lacking sufficient visibility, will not magnetize the kind of business or profit a company is looking to achieve. Amazon has not backed down from being one of the foremost online sellers
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