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Business writing vs Academic writing

Business writing vs Academic writing - components to gauge...

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Business writing is a type of writing that focuses on the accurate data. There are no add-ons or filling in extra space and as a result, it is purely reaffirming or rewriting basic facts. Business writing has to be crisp and must present clear material. In academic writing, the writer can add his or her own opinion and add some essential viewpoints that can connect two important sentences. One can present his or her outlook about a particular subject matter and be more expressive in academic writing than in business writing. Instructors usually look for writing that uses a notable vocabulary, and/or intricate sentence formation, uses critical thinking skills, and is consistent with the topic required. They want to know if a student can express his or her ideas effectively to the target audience. Instructors most likely want to see how a student interprets all of these
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Unformatted text preview: components to gauge the level of growth that a student may have accomplished. Directors regularly look for the writer to identify aspects, objectives, and/or answers that match the requirements of a subject in business writing. A director will look for tone and if the writer has considered the audience, for whom he or she is writing. Business writing while controlling the quantity of words by making it as short or as direct to the point as possible is a bit more difficult than writing longer papers for academic purposes. The difference of business writing from academic writing is business writing is usually concise and includes all significant and accurate information like reports, emails, and surveys, while academic writing includes research papers, essays, and dissertations while persuading an audience to view their point....
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