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Running head: BUSINESS COMMUNICATION TRENDS 1 Business Communication Trends XCOM/285
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BUSINESS COMMUNICATION TRENDS 2 Business Communication Trends Business communication has advanced significantly over centuries and keeps changing at a rapid pace. Efficient communication information should be communal amongst all employees. If it is not communal between all employees, the business communications will fail. Being able to communicate efficiently is an important attribute to help employees participation in the company grow. Communication lets employee connectivity, where, sequentially forms a connection, use two kinds of contact: verbal and nonverbal. (The Mindful Network, 2011) Both skills help individuals handle differences considerately and efficiently, without adding any tension to an already disordered circumstance. Conferences depend on proper communication for the sharing and distribution of ideas and assessments, and for company discussions between groups of individuals. Individuals are obligated to be there and contribute in an
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Business+Communication+Trends (2) - Running head: BUSINESS...

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