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Buy vs. Lease - continuously make payments trading it in...

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Buy vs. Lease Scenario What recommendation does the calculator make for you ? After answering all  of the questions, the calculator suggested I buy my next car. I was surprised as to  how simple the steps were in determining the decision. I was expecting something  more difficult. I am glad that there is a resource like this for those who really do  not know which route to take in their decision-making. Did   the   recommendation   change   the   way   you   previously   thought   about  buying vs. leasing a car?  I still maintained the same decision I had before taking  the calculator recommendation. I had an idea that it would recommend me to buy  instead of lease, because of the fact that I would rather pay my vehicle off than 
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Unformatted text preview: continuously make payments, trading it in for a newer automobile every two to four years. Do you think you will follow the recommendations made by the calculator? Explain why or why not. I believe I had done as the calculator suggested, but before I knew of it. I am confident now that my decision was a good one. I chose to purchase my truck although the payments were a bit higher and now it will be paid off by November of this year. By making this decision, I will have an extra four hundred and sixty five dollars a month to use towards other, more important expenses....
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