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Capstone Checkpoint: Reflection The current recession influences the way people handle business on a daily basis, there is less time than ever for inefficiently written business communications. To catch the attention of today’s hectic reader, one must take action to their need for precision and shortness in written communication. Organizing documents with the readers’ needs in mind is the first and most crucial step in successful communication, which is something I will need to use a lot of in my future business ventures. I will need to create reader-friendly layouts to highlight imperative information, create sentences that grab and hold my readers’ concentration, and edit my writing for clearness and ease of reading, which I think I have learned in this class.
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Unformatted text preview: Additional writing techniques I have learned that will serve a purpose in future courses as well as my career are to avoid dated expressions and common sentence structure, punctuation, and usage errors. If I will be representing a company and he last thing a reader is going to want to see is a letter full of errors. I can better organize information to help my readers, and identify and remove redundant words, phrases, and repetition. The most valuable aspect of this class that I believe will serve useful is to know when to add detailed elements to arrange and support my ideas without rambling. All of these skills combined, are sure to lead me in the right direction as I further my education and my career as a professional....
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