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Interview a owner or Manager of a business. For my assignment I spoke to Janine Waters, Manager of the Body and Soul Spa on Ridge Ave. in Phialdephia. She seemed to be pretty busy at the time of the interview but she was able to answer every question pretty thoroughly. This is what she had to say. What are the primary qualities you look for when hiring a massage therapist? When looking to hire a massage therapist, the main thing she looks for is knowledge of muscle as in origin an insertion. A person ability to communicate and Just to be sure she have them give a five minute tune up massage on one of the other therapist in the center just to see how there touch is and how the potential employee handles and reacts to more or less engagement/pressure. Could you please share with me one thing that would keep you from hiring someone? She stated that the main thing is attitude, if a person is not able to show me some of affection and
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Unformatted text preview: or appreciation for being a therapist, then they might not make a good worker due to not loving what they do, and potentially my make the business loose clientele. What would your advice be to someone who would like to work for your business in order to get them in the door and granted an interview? Get all your business in order, and always stay professional. What do you look for in a resume? In seasoned therapists, I really just depends on work history and references. If the therapist has a repitable work history with valid references not just friends, but also seasoned therapists help a lot. If it is a person that is fresh out of school, I would need to see references on the resume. But I need more than a resume from that person, I would also need to speak to that person to test their knowledge of vital info coming straight out of school....
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