The Abandoned Generation - The Abandoned Generation Mary...

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The Abandoned Generation Mary Eberstadt is a famous author and a consulting editor at Policy Review. She has published many articles on American cultural issues. In the excerpt Eminem Is Right from her book Home-Alone America , Mary reveals the social implications of contemporary American popular music. Although the teenagers themselves may take partial responsibility for the vogue of the popular music which is scrawled with violence and child abuse themes, family and society’s abandonment of the kids, making them feel home-lonely, is the main reason that has catapulted today’s popular music to the “notorious” fame. Today’s popular music is saturated by misogyny, sexual exploitation, suicide and etcetera. From the aspects of those progressive-minded adults, it is a depraved music to teenagers. However, Mary considers more that what this phenomenon tells us about today’s adolescent situation instead of reproving the entertainers and lyrics. She exemplifies Eminem as the representative and numerates a lot of singers whose lyrics are full of “vicious” stuff, but their sales volume remains high. She directly quotes the lyrics to illustrate the parents’ indifference and why the children identify with the singers. She also gives examples of commentators who want to rationalize the
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The Abandoned Generation - The Abandoned Generation Mary...

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