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Old Vendor Code New Vendor Code Vendor Old Vendor Code New Vendor Code Vendor ASP032 Always Sportswear HRD200 ABH200 AB Home CLS016 APT016 Apparel Trading International HRD201 FFY201 Firefly AWS023 Alliance Wholesale HRD202 DDW202 CLS005 BEN005 Ben Elias HRD203 THN203 Three Hands CLS015 BGP015 The Beauty Group HRD204 EVR204 Evergreen BLR024 Blair HRD205 IMX205 Imax BRI028 Briara HRD206 ACE206 Aceco Mills CLS010 BTY010 Bounty Trading HRD207 WMT207 World Marketing CLS001 CAF001 Caffey HRD208 DYN208 Estex Home Fashion/Dynamite Decorators CLS017 CAN017 Childrens Apparel Network HRD209 ACH209 Achim Importing CLS006 CKW006 City Knitwear HRD210 UMA210 UMA Enterprises CLS020 CLS020 20 Below Fremont HRD211 CLS022 CLS022 Artex Knitting Mills HRD212 CLS022 CLS022 Avital HRD213 CLS022 CLS022 Baby Togs HRD214 CLS022 CLS022 Bon BeBe HRD215 CLS022 CLS022 Conley National HRD216 CLS022 CLS022 Franco Apparel HRD217 CLS022 CLS022 Klayman Pants HRD218 CLS022 CLS022 Millenium Clothing HRD219 CLS022
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