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FL Daily Budget ReCap Rev 02-03-08

FL Daily Budget ReCap Rev 02-03-08 - DailyBudgetRecap...

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Famous Labels   Daily Budget Recap Page   1 of  3 New Store Opening Store:  __________________________________________________________  W/E:  ___________________ This Sheet MUST Be COMPLETED & FAXED DAILY to Corporate Office @ 702-993-3541 PLEASE use ONE (1) form for each week / Information will be added (cumulative) for the whole week. New Store Set Up Agenda [ from Phase Sheets ]: POINT / COMMENTS PENDING NOTES COMPLETED VERIFIED Ex: Job Orders / Wk Orders / Locksmith 1 2 3 4 Field Manager’s Hours Worked: Date IN Lunch [ Out ] Lunch [ In ] OUT Total Hours SUN MON TUES WED THUR FRI SAT Week Total FM Name:  _______________________________________ FM Signature: ________________________  Date:______ Casual Labor (CL) Hours: Sch. # CL Actual # CL Pay Rate TTL # Hours Total $ SUN 6.75 /hr MON 6.75 /hr TUES 6.75 /hr WED 6.75 /hr THUR 6.75 /hr FRI 6.75 /hr SAT 6.75 /hr CURRENT WEEK Totals   PLEASE  record how many CL are scheduled to  work (Sch. # CL) & how many actually work  (Actual # CL) for each day of this week.
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