COMMUNICATION LOG-3-21-07 - day 7 All entries must remain...

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COMMUNICATION LOG March 21, 2007 Attention: All Store Managers and Staff Store Managers need to verify that they currently have a  COMMUNICATION LOG in place in your location. If you do not— immediately purchase a 100 sheet spiral notebook. Please write the following  “RULES”  on the inside of the cover: 1. Date log started. 2. No direct correction to any employee (that is what a note to file or  corrective action is for). 3. Only general statements, ideas, points, suggestions. 4. You may use the log to list “TO DO’S” for the day-each employee  must initial next to the task they complete. 5. Each entry must be dated and documented who wrote the entry. 6. Each employee  MUST READ, INITIAL AND DATE  the entry-every 
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Unformatted text preview: day. 7. All entries must remain in the log at all times-DO NOT REMOVE ANY ENTRY AT ANY TIME. THIS LOG IS OPEN TO EVERY STAFF MEMBER-FULL TIME, PART TIME, SALARIED EMPLOYEES-MANAGERS-KEYHOLDERS-ASSOCIATES AND ALSO CORPORATE VISITORS. If you have any questions or concerns contact Bethany or Trish immediately in the office -702-838-6893. If anyone would like to report abuse of the log-make a copy of the entry and fax it to Bethany or Trish. All correspondence in reference to the Communication Log will be confidential. Thank you for your prompt compliance-and compliance is MANDATORY. Trish Sekikawa Store Operation Manager Cc: Bethany Isenbarg Andy Wissner...
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COMMUNICATION LOG-3-21-07 - day 7 All entries must remain...

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