FL EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT CHART - Spouse Children All other...

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FAMOUS LABELS EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT CHART Supercedes any Previous Chart prior to May 2005 ANY MISUSE OF DISCOUNT FOR UNAUTHORIZED INDIVIDUALS ARE IMMEDIATE GROUNDS FOR TERMINATION . DISCOUNTS ARE APPLICABLE ONLY AFTER AN EMPLOYEE IS OFFICIALLY HIRED. TITLE:              :                 DRESS CODE       NON DRESS CODE               Eligibility          Applies to  STORE  MANAGER SALES ON DRESS CODE  ITEMS  ONLY  25% Off over and  above  all NON DRESS CODE     ITEMS. Immediate  upon Hire Immediate Family (spouse, children) Assistant  Manager 25% off Over and Above  Dress Code Items    20% OFF OVER AND  ABOVE  NON DRESS  CODE ITEMS IMMEDIATE  UPON HIRE Immediate Family Spouse, children 2 nd  Assistant 20% off Over and Above   Dress Code Items  15% off over and above  Non Dress Code item Immediate Upon hire Immediate Family
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Unformatted text preview: Spouse Children All other employees 15% off Over and Above Dress Code Items 10% off over and above Non Dress Code item Immediate Upon hire Immediate Family Spouse Children Casual Labor 10%off over and above dress code items *only while employed 10% off over and above Non Dress Code items ONLY WHILE EMPLOYED Conditional While Employed only Employee ONLY Subject to Approval By Store Manager And Price Check *Famous Labels reserves the right to withhold discounts on certain items that would be below cost. Additional Incentives MAY apply DURING FRIENDS AND FAMILY Events and Employee Appreciation Events If you are unsure of your status please call Home Office at 702-838-6893 Please replace this sheet with any previous discount chart in your manual Famous Labels 5-2005...
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FL EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT CHART - Spouse Children All other...

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