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HUMA241B_LectureEleven - Turkish 2.Chang’an and the...

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HUMA 241B 05/03/2008 Lecture Eleven Chang’an and the Silk Road Trade Dates, Places and Events Heavy (light) cavalry ( ) 甲騎兵 Turkish empire 突厥帝國 Khaghan 可汗 Silk road 絲綢之路 Sogadian 粟特商人 Uighur 回鹘 / 維吾爾 Chang’an 長安 Samarkand 撒馬爾罕 The Grand Canal 大運河 Yangzhou 揚州 Guangzhou 廣州 1. Empire-building in China and Central Asia Nomadic powers in Central Asia—Xiongnu, Xianbei 鮮卑 and the Turkish 突厥 Political structure of the nomadic empire: tribes vs. bureaucracy (limited to the top) The Uighur state and its role in late Tang Advantages of the Sui-Tang Empire: the successors of both nomadic and Chinese tradition 漢化 vs. 胡化 The grand strategy adopted by the early Tang court, esp. by Li Shimin 李世民 , to pursue control of East and Central Asia a. Tang emperor as a Chinese Khaghan 天可汗; b. Rivalry wars in military tactics; c. an insider of the steppe politics—knowing how to play the game and to exploit the
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Unformatted text preview: Turkish 2.Chang’an and the cosmopolitan culture The Tang court as sponsor of Central Asian culture: music, food, dancing and religion Political influence from the Turkish—the Incident of the Xuwu Gate 玄武門之變 : murdering among brothers The large number of Central Asian residents in Chang’an 3. The role of the Sogadian merchants on the Silk Road Why the nomads were friendly towards commerce The silk trade as a major agent binding the Turkish empire together The role of Sogadian—opening another model of civilization rather than a Chinese one How to develop international trade in a pre-industrial world Strategies exploited by the Sogadian to control trade along the Silk Trade: education (multi-language, book-keeping and contracts); marriage and religion; diplomatic and political talents Limits of the Silk Road Trade—trade via land routes; the large share of luxury goods...
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