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HUMA 24 1B 13 /02/ 2008 Lecture Five Mobilizing for Power Terms and events: Reforms by Lord Shang 商鞅變法 (359, 350 B.C) Twenty Order of Honor 軍功爵制 Zhantian ( 占田 ) land allocation for purpose of tax and military mobilization by the state Commandery-county system 郡縣制 Battle of Changping 長平之戰 (260 B.C.) First Emperor 秦始皇 1. Start the war machine: the path of state formation in Qin Shang Yang’s formula for success in competition The military meritocracy: ranking the male population with titles awarded in military combat Order of Honor 軍功爵制 and universal military service 普遍軍役制 The path of the Qing state formation: a great military machine based exclusively on direct control of population (manpower) and largely on a state-regulated economic system Zhantian ( 占田 ) and control of farmers Anti-commerce & anti-intellectual attitudes: 凡人主之所以勸民者,官爵也;國之所以 興者,農戰也
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