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HUMA241B_LectureFour - HUMA241B Lecture Four Merchants...

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HUMA241B 11/02/08 Lecture Four Merchants, Farmers, and Bureaucracy People and Terms Bronze coins 銅錢 Urbanization Fan Li ( 范蠡陶朱公 ) Lyu Buwei ( 吕不韦 ) 1. Economic growth occurred in a transitional period a. Agriculture—the emergence of private landownership; family-based farming technology Living standards of a peasant family in the warring states period b. Urbanization—rapid growth of cities in both number and size c. Commerce—the rise of a market economy Did the majority farmers benefit from economic growth? 2. Rise of a commercial world a. Long-distance (international) trade at the incipient stage: evidence of travels of merchants and their wealth: Fan Li ( 范蠡陶朱公 ), Lyu Buwei ( 吕不韦 , 《呂氏春秋》 ). b. Goods for long-distance trade: salt, grain, textile, and lacquer. c. Commercial centers: Linzi ( 臨淄 the Qi capital), Handan ( 邯鄲 ) in Zhao, Wan ( ) d. Overland communication—a better road system.
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