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HUMA241B_LectureThree - HUMA241B Lecture Three Debates on...

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HUMA241B 06/02/08 Lecture Three Debates on order and human nature People Confucius 孔子 (551-479 B.C.) and Confucian 儒家 Sun Tzu 孫子 (544-496 B.C.) Mo Tzu 墨子 (470-391 B.C) Shang Yang( 商鞅 , 390-338 B.C.) Mencius 孟子 (371- 289 B.C.) Chuang Tzu 莊子 (369-286 B.C.) Han Fei 韩非 (280-233 B.C) 1. The emergence of a common discourse: order and human nature Hundred Schools of Thoughts 諸子百家 —Confucianism 儒家、 Mohists 墨家、 Taoists 道家 , Legalists 法家, and military strategists 兵家 The origin of Ru and the development from Confucius to Mencius Human nature and the foundation of order in different visions The relationship between Benevolence ( ren ) and Human nature ( xing ) 仁政 and in Mencius’ version Challenges from both radical (military strategists, Mohism, and legalists) and conservative sides (Taoism, 農家 ): to avoid conflicts and disasters, human society should be organized or disorganized? 2. The rise of the legalist school
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