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HUMA 241B 10/03/08 Lecture Twelve The Military Revolution Dates, Places and Events An Lushan Rebellion (755-763) 安祿山和安史之亂 Warlordism 藩鎮割據 Zhu Wen 朱溫 Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms 五代十国 Firearms 火器 and gunpowder wars Early industrial revolution 早期工業革命 1. The rise of warlordism and civil wars Warlordism after An Lushan rebellion and the Huang Chao rebellion 黄巢叛乱 Loss of pasture lands—the Tibetan invasion Decentralization resulted from the disintegration of the imperial system The decline of the Chang’an-centered regime and the new center in East China From 755 through 763 the number of military governors increased from 10 to 40, most of them were located in the interior of the empire Competition among localized military forces within China proper The military professionalism after An Lushan rebellion 軍事制度和組織的根本性轉變 : 禁軍 由中央控制的職業軍隊 ( 雇傭軍人 ) Pursuit for money in competition for power—the revenue-hungry regime
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