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Exam 1 Question 1 (Estimated Time: 45 min) COP 2271 Visual Basic.NET Fall 2011 Project Name: GatorShoppingCart Introduction In this question you will generate a program that will calculate the total cost of a basket of items while shopping. The program will compare this cost to an entered budget, and determine the surplus or deficit between this budget and total cost. The GUI Figure : The Graphical User Interface The GUI includes 3 groupboxes, 8 checkboxes, 1 label, 1 textbox, and 1 button. The user will check the checkboxes of each item they want to include in their shopping cart, enter a total budget, and then click calculate. Programming Details The cost of each item is defined as follows: Item Cost ($) Gator Tee Shirt 10 Gator Polo Shirt 20 Tebow Jersey 65 Rainey Jersey 50 Gator Baseball Cap 15 Albert Head 25 Foam Fingers 5 Sunglasses 30 Table : Item Costs
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If the checkbox of the respective item is checked, the cost of the item will be included in the calculation of the total cost of the shopping cart.
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