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COP 2271 VB.NET Fall 2011 Homework # 1 Due: September 16, 11:55 pm Introduction You will write a program that calculates some data about an hourglass based on certain user inputs about the attributes of this hourglass. An hourglass is a sealed container with two distinct pieces connected by a small neck which allows sand to flow from the top piece to the bottom. For this homework you will be writing a Console program and a windows program that is an extension of the console program. 1. Console Application (Project Name: HourglassConsole) Program Description Use input boxes to get the total height (Figure 1) of the Hourglass and to get the flow rate of sand though the neck of the hourglass. Using these two inputs you can calculate the volume of the hourglass and using the rate figure out how much time it will take to empty. The time for the hourglass is to be displayed in a message box (shown in the sample runs section). Figure 1: Hourglass
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1. Height is input in inches 2. Rate is input in in 3 /s 3. Cone Height is equal to 2 * Radius ( this means total height = 6 * Radius) 4. Use math.PI for the value of pi 5. You may find it useful to use integer division ( \ ), Math.floor is also nice. 6. You do not have to use any error checks for this program Key Equations Hourglasses can be thought of as 4 distinct geometrical shapes. Two halves of a sphere and two cones. Do note that the maximum capacity of an hour glass is actually only half of the total
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homework1WriteUp - COP 2271 VB.NET Fall 2011 Homework # 1...

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