MKGT431mini5 - Mini Test 5 1-The central level of the...

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Unformatted text preview: Mini Test 5 1-The central level of the levels of the product concept consists of: Choose one answer. a. The core benefit that a consumer will get from the product. b. The bundle of tangible and intangible attributes that satisfy a consumer's need c. The consumer's internal motivation for purchasing a product d. The tangible component of the product offering. e. These are all related to the central layer of the layers of the product concept. 2-A dynamically continuous innovation is? Choose one answer. a. Somewhere in the middle of the new product continuum. b. A product that represents a major change to the way we live. c. Frequently characterized by the words "new and improved" on a familiar package. d. A way to create distance between your product and a competitor's product position. e. A dynamically continuous innovation is all of these things. 3-The new product development process has seven stages going from new product strategy development to commercialization. At which stage will a company typically first create a physical prototype of a new product? Choose one answer. a. Business analysis b. Screening and evaluation c. New-product strategy development d. Commercialization e. Market Testing f. Idea generation g. Technical development 4-For new products that have a major benefit to the customer, but the benefit is not obvious by casual inspection, ____________ becomes an important factor in whether customers will adopt the new product? Choose one answer. a. All of these are important when a major benefit is not obvious by casual inspection. b. Trialability c. Compatibility. d. Observability e. Relative advantage 5-Bruce was writing test questions for his marketing class. It was getting very late in the afternoon and he was tired. So he went over to the student union and bought a big bowl of ice cream. In terms of product classification, ice cream could best be described as a(n) for Bruce? Choose one answer. a. durable good. b. High calorie product c. Component product. d. non-durable good e. Business good. Mini Test 5 6-Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a product line? Choose one answer. a. Used together b. Fall within a given price range. c. Distributed through the same outlet d. Satisfy a class of needs e. Sold to different customer groups 7-One common strategy to extend the life of a product in the maturity stage of the product life cycle is to ____________? Choose one answer. a. Go back to market testing. b. Skim the product. c. Divest the product. d. Reposition the product to appeal to a new market segment e. Use subliminal advertising. 8-When dealing with tangible products, consistency is usually measured in terms of? Choose one answer....
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MKGT431mini5 - Mini Test 5 1-The central level of the...

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