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At the beginning of time, when God creates the sea and the sky, words lived in the heaven but they were dividing on categories: verbs had the highest rank followed by adjectives, adverbs, nouns and finally the conjunctions. The verbs were the kings and usually they humble to inferior words. Sometimes verbs and adjectives make wonderful banquets and elegant parties where conjunctions were not invited. One day God thinks that the world lack of sense and he decided created a creature for talking because he felt alone, maybe because words haven’t sense if they don`t to be used to transmit an idea with someone else, but in that time in the heaven there was not anybody else, only God and words without meaning. In the Land the humans were wild creatures they didn’t feelings and they can’t lived in peace because always was fighting one with other. God had been created them for be the
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Unformatted text preview: kings of the natural world but for a unknown reason they didn’t lived in community, didn’t lived like a family. God, very sad, stayed here looking at them and asked himself why his two creations couldn’t live like he wants: like a family. He on an ultimate intention to rescue his two creations, decided to give to humans a presents and give to words a present, too. He went to heaven and he said to words that they must go to land and learned to the humans how express his ideas and feelings. Verbs thought that only they and the adjectives would went to land because they were the most important part for transmit ideas, but when they heard that the conjunctions also would went to the land they were hungry with God . But God was sick by that rebel behavior and decided to punish them. God said to verbs that...
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