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SOC 308 Dr. Kristen Schultz Lee Second Exam Review The exam questions will be drawn from the following questions. On Tuesday, November 1st we will have an in-class review. This is an opportunity for you to raise questions about the material. When asking about a specific question in the review session, you must explain what you think the answer is or what information you know about the question. Simply asking me to answer question #1, for example, is not acceptable. The exam will be held in class on Thursday, November 3 rd . Make sure you can answer the reading guide questions. In addition, make sure you can answer the following questions: 1) What are the four components of the life course perspective? 2) You should be able to raise questions about a sociological issue drawing on each of the four life course principles. 3) Linked Lives a) Through what mechanisms do parents shape their children’s gender attitudes? b)
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