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ballet critique - Rebecca (Becky) Densen Ballet 213...

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Rebecca (Becky) Densen Ballet 213 Zodiaque Dance Company Rebecca Densen I saw the University at Buffalo’s dance company, Zodiaque Dance Company perform on Wednesday, October 20, 2010. In the Drama Theatre in the University’s Center for the Arts. The performance varied from piece to piece. There were pieces like Unknown that I could not draw my eyes away, and then again there were pieces that lacked my interest greatly, such as Portage . I believe the company tried to please everyone, by this I mean every piece was a different style and had a completely different feel than the one before it, so no matter your preference there was at least one piece you liked.
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I enjoyed watching the opening piece Unknown , choreographed by Kerry Ring. The piece featured a ballet barre. The six dancers balanced, walked on lifted and so much more on this barre. The piece’s theme was athleticism which was easily demonstrated by the strength, balance, and flexibility demonstrated by the dancers. The moves that demonstrated strength consisted of the lift done with the male dancers taking the girls on and off the barres. Also the lifting, turning and flipping of the barre showed this as well.
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ballet critique - Rebecca (Becky) Densen Ballet 213...

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