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Rebecca Densen Ballet 1 Dear Ms. Karen, This semester I feel I have accomplished quite a bit. I feel I have gained a little more confidence in my dancing although I am still not the most confident one in the room. I feel I have also gained knowledge not only in dance steps but in history and the language of dance as well. I am not very good at spelling so learning the spelling of the vocabulary was difficult. But now that I did I feel great. I also learned various new steps that I hadn’t before. I feel like my turns have gotten much better, as have my jumps. I know I still need to work on my hands, extending my feet in my jumps, and my shoulder lines. However, I feel as though I am conscious of it and I am getting better at improving it. I know I also need work on my presentation, looking confident in what I am doing. I plan on continuing to improve in my dancing and to hopefully expand my
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Unformatted text preview: choreographic skills. I would love to become a choreographer one day. I love watching the way dancers bodies move and figuring out new ways to move them and what would make them in particular look good. I love performing but I love creating the work even more. I have learned a lot about myself this semester. I learned I am a much better dancer than I gave myself credit for. I may never have the extensions or flexibility of many girls but I work with what god gave me while still continuing to work at getting more flexibility. I have seen dancers in my class who it doesnt make a difference what they have their commitment and love for dance makes you want to watch, that is the dancer I want to be and the dancers I want to work with in the future. I had a great semester with you Ms. Karen, I hope you have a great holiday break. Happy Holidays! Rebecca Densen...
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