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ballet exit letter 2 - how they are pulling too far back at...

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Rebecca Densen Ballet 2 Karen Georger Exit Letter Dear Miss Karen, This semester was a turning point for me. I accomplished quite a bit and learned even more. I have discovered recently that due to finances I can’t continue my double major of dance and psychology and finish in four years without summers, so I had no choice but to drop the dance major. I will still be taking classes, but it will not be the same. Because of this is was even more important for me to try to take everything in these last few weeks and really make them count. I began trying to relax more; I know tension has been an ongoing problem in my dancing. I have tried to use my dropping of the dance major as motivation for this (which sometimes makes me upset and has the opposite effect). I try to think of this as dancing for me. I have decided to take every correction more to heart lately than usual. I learned to make sure my shoulders are in line while I am dancing I hadn’t even noticed they were out of line. I also have been aware to how my arms are stiff and are
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Unformatted text preview: how they are pulling too far back at times. I have been trying to relax my arms and hands more and more. I know that, that is where most of my problems lie, the tension in my arms, shoulders and hands. I have to learn to relax more. I feel I have become more confident in my petite allegro, my turns and my dancing overall. I will continue to work on my arms and my landings in my jumps. I will also continue to try to relax overall as a dancer. Thank you Miss. Karen for being such a great teacher. I really appreciate all the corrections you have given me and have tried my best to take them to heart and work hard on them. I hope you can see my hard work paying off cause I really do feel I have improved quite a bit and I feel that your class has been a major cause of this. Thank you Miss Karen. I hope to be able to take class from you again in the future. From, Becky...
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ballet exit letter 2 - how they are pulling too far back at...

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