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Rebecca Densen Cabaret UB Center for the Arts Drama Theatre The production of Cabaret put on by the University at Buffalo’s Theatre Department was very well done. It surpassed my expectations by far. Right off the back they opened strong with a well-known song, “Willkommen,” performed by the Emcee and the cast. The accent that the actor portrayed was amazing. It really opened the show to the kind of devious feel the play later develops. The scenery of the production was simple yet perfect. They simply had a little balcony with the stairs in clear sight and a large sign that say Cabaret. The cast moved pieces around the stage to make the different sets. I think for some shows not putting the curtains down during this or even taking this approach at all of having the cast move the chairs and beds and such to make the scenes to be distracting, however for this show I thought it added something to the show. I am unsure whether the original production did this as well or if this was a touch added by the director, either way I think the way it was
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