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fences tht 101 - playing football at all On top of this he...

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Rebecca Densen Questions: If Troy is made fun of for not being able to drive how is he the first black garbage truck driver in the city? Why didn’t Rose kick Troy out after discovering the affair? A hero in a play is considered the main character as is the protagonist in this sense Troy Maxson is definitely the “hero” of the play Fences . A hero is also defined as someone that one sees as having admirable qualities, being brave and much more, and in this sense Troy is not a hero in the slightest. Yes, his son Cory may have turned out well being a Marine and on his way to being married, but this was done despite what Troy had done. From the beginning we know that Troy does not treat Cory and his wife, Rose well. There is the possibility of him cheating, that is later confirmed, and the immediate quality of his jealousy comes out immediately. Troy is jealous of his son Cory for having a shot at Football that Troy never had for baseball. Because of this he prevents his son from
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Unformatted text preview: playing football at all. On top of this he never showed his son any love, he constantly yelled at him and eventually even physically hurt him, and kicked him out of the house. Troy also has a child with another women which kills his wife yet he continues to not only see her but to be hurtful to Rose. It seemed the only person he showed he cared for was his brother Gabriel, and even him he hurts, by accidentally sending him to a mental hospital and using his money to pay for his home. Because of Gabriel’s head injury he believes to have seen Troy’s Judgment Day and that it is different than Rose’s, which foreshadows his death and that he had a negative life. Troy can in no way be a hero because he was so cowardly that he hit his son, grabbed his wife, cheated, and could not face his own problems....
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