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six characters in search of an author

six characters in search of an author - fully be alive and...

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Rebecca Densen Six Characters in Search of an Author Questions: Why did the characters want their horrible lives and horrible situations to live on forever and to have immortality with it? The mother wanted to revise the scene to tell the son how she felt, how did she feel? And why did she really leave with a different man and leave the son to the father in the country? I am unsure who the most fully alive on this stage is. To be honest I am unsure who is alive at all. The child is able to talk and be present with the Step-Daughter yet we later find out she drowned. And the child is there but we see he kills himself or at least we think he did, it might just have been acting. The father seems like he could be alive, but he is too preoccupied with looking good and gain immortality he can’t see the full picture. The Step-Daughter is too preoccupied with making the father look bad to really
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Unformatted text preview: fully be alive and present. She constantly wants to add in the parts in the scenes that made the father look bad and was upset when the manager wanted to edit it, The mother is too hurt and disturbed to be alive at all. The son is the only one who realizes what the family is doing, but his hatred for everyone clouds his judgment, however, his hatred may only be from the incident that happened in the end and the realization that they should not be remembered like this. He says he doesn’t want the play to be a mirror of them that they can’t get away from. He is right they will never be able to get away from themselves if this play goes on. All six of the characters have too many problems to be mentally “alive,” and whether they are physically alive or not still remains a mystery to me....
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