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theater lysistrata

theater lysistrata - men to do many things by simply saying...

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Rebecca Densen 9/17/10 Lysistrata Questions: What was the original reason for the war? If the men were that sexually aroused, why didn’t they “take it into their own hands?” The people of the play Lysistrata , by Aristophanes, are much like the people today, in many ways. In this play the women are the prominent caregivers of the household. In the present day this still remains in most cases. The attitude men and women have towards each other has stayed the same as well. Women believe men are never there when they need them, and men think women talk way too much. The men’s leader even says, “ …are we going to let these women go on jabbering like this? (199, line 86)” Another similarity is the power women have over a man with her body, by having the temptation of sex they are able to convince them to do what they want. Nowadays, in movies, on TV, or even just in every day life, you see women convince
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Unformatted text preview: men to do many things by simply saying they’ll “put out”. The way women get their men hooked remains the same as well, by wearing see through undergarments in the play, or now known as lingerie, by wearing makeup, and much more. Every women knows a man can not resist temptation and this was shown in the play various times, especially when Myrrhine pursues her husband and then backs off completely. The sexual tension between men and women has changed very little from the time of the play to now. In the play it is stated by the men’s leader, “can’t live with the pests or without ‘em either (217, line 58),” now the saying goes “can’t live with them, can’t live without them.” As you can see the attitude the genders have toward each other is the same, thus making the people in Lysistrata much like us today....
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